Week 3 Reflection

This week we talked about the difference between Gaming and Gamification which is similar in concept but not in design purpose. Gamification purpose is an educational venture in helping the student be more engaged by offering learning tracks with achievement rewards and/or bonus points. Let’s use a multiplication game for elementary students. Teachers can create unlock levels to help students in areas that are needed so that the approach is more of a differentiated instructional view. Students and parents can see progress and areas of needs on most educational sites.


This week I learned from my peers:

  • Amanda talked about how Gamification is really about a scoring system. I agree, students start off with a base score then throughout the semester, they build on the point system.
  • Galina talked about how games allow the user to take risk without real life consequences. Games help students complete achievable challenges that creates confidence to take more risks.
  • Cherie talked about how educational games help students be critical thinkers. Challenges can inspire students to take risks that then would not normally take in real life.

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