Week 2 Reflection

What common characteristics do engaging games have?

This week, we talked about which common characteristics engaging games have. Most students had the same opinion I did of colorful graphics and achievable challenges. Navigation is also important, poorly laid out games could discourage student participation. Students should be able to master some of the challenges in the early stages to ensure retention.


This week I learned from my classmates:

  • Galina talked about how a student’s character takes small risks and experiences frequent victories based on their skill level. I think that this experience with failure is essential in student’s growth.
  • Sam turned this week’s topic into a real world classroom topic. She was able to apply the engaging concepts in her classroom.
  • Holly used a Harry Potter analogy for this week’s topic. Students love the appeal of Hogwarts. I am sure it’s the mix of magic and foreign culture. I think that we should use whatever works.

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